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Why Hyderabadi Beauty Cleaned Juhu Beach?

Why Hyderabadi Beauty Cleaned Juhu Beach?
'Actions speak louder than words' is a popular saying.  Bollywood actress Dia Mirza is seriously following it.  The Hyderabad born actress went on to act in several Hindi films until her marriage with Sahil Sangha in 2014.  But she continuous to hit the headlines as a social activist.

She has recently participated in the cleaning of clutter from the Juhu beach in Mumbai, just a day after the Ganesh Visarjan.  She revealed that nearly 400 tonnes of material has been cleared from the beach.  Nearly 1200 youth have participated in the cleaning programme by helping the BMMC(Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation).  All the youngsters gathered at the beach at 5 AM and started cleaning the material from one of the most popular beaches of India.

While speaking about the cleaning Dia said that "Mumbai is blessed with one of the most bio-diverse coastlines in the world. The task of preserving Mumbai's fragile coastline bio-diversity shouldn't be the responsibility of only conservationists but it rests with all 20 million inhabitants of this city.  1,200 people are here because we want to show the municipality that we are willing to be a part of the solution."  She also revealed that her mother's favourite god is Lord Ganesha and whenever she comes across a fine handcrafted Ganpati, she will bring him home for her mother.  

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