Why Is Industry Siding With Abhiram Daggubati?

Everyone is talking about Sri Reddy and the way she stated that Suresh Babu's son Abhiram Daggubati has exploited her forcefully by luring her with a promise of giving cinema offer. And some pictures are also out now. But still, many industry folks are siding with Abhiram only. Why so?

Film Nagar folks are of the opinion that actress Sri Reddy has trapped Abhiram for reasons better known to her. And they have an argument to support their claim. "Everyone in the industry knows that Abhiram comes from a powerful family. But he didn't have any say in his father's film business. Will Suresh Babu listen to Abhiram and casts someone? So how come Sri Reddy got into an affair with him? Is she such foolish to believe that Abhiram will get her offers? She just trapped him", a film industry person, who is close to Suresh Productions commented.

At the same time, some people commented that Abhiram is more like a childish guy and never takes care of anything related to films. Though Suresh Babu made him Executive Producer in the recent times, he just takes care of only production arrangements, not more than that, opined a few.

Talking about those leaked selfies, some biggies are asking, "All those selfies show both Sri Reddy and Abhiram laughing at the camera, and Sri Reddy clicked all the pictures. If he has any real intention of cheating her or exploiting her, will he allow her to click pictures?". Also, they pointed out that all those selfies are clicked by Sri Reddy only and maybe she has some wrong intentions since then.

"Let's talk about how Sri Reddy leaked a chat with singer Sri Rama Chandra. Why did she involve in that provoking-chat in the first place? Why didn't she asked the singer to stop flirting with her? He's neither a producer nor a hero nor an influential person in the film industry. What is she expecting from him? Isn't that sounding like she is luring everyone with her dirty talk and now turned the tables?", a senior journalist questioned.

"There is no denying of casting couch's existence, but this particular thing is not related to that. Maybe Sri Reddy is taking a personal vengeance on Abhiram for reasons better known to her" is what some people say, extending their support to the Daggubati heir.
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