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Why Khaidi event wrapped up in a hurry?

Why Khaidi event wrapped up in a hurry?
After Government Officials denied permission for holding the pre-release event in Stadiums at Vijayawada and Guntur, Haailand located on the National highway between the twin cities of AP was finalized as the venue. As expected, The capacity of this ground could no way match the vast fan base of Mega Family.

Turnout for 'Khaidi No.150' is beyond the capacity of the venue. Crowd kept growing alarmingly high after each hour. Proceedings has been stalled frequently to pass directions to the large gathering, so that stampedes could be avoided.

A Top Cop who monitored the situation directed Organisers to ensure event concludes much earlier than scheduled time to prevent untoward incidents. Fortunately, Team Khaidi No.150 responded positively to any sort of inconvenience to the fans. Much to everyone's delight, 'Boss-is-Back' event became a huge success and increased the positive buzz multifold. January 11th, 2017!!

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