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Why Mega Fans Scared of 'Boss is Back'?

Why Mega Fans Scared of 'Boss is Back'?
Ever since megastar Chiranjeevi has announced his comeback to filmdom, mega fans have started calling his reentry as 'Boss is Back'. This tagline looks to have become a nightmare for them now.

'Boss is Back' tag was widely publicized when Chiru made a cameo appearance in Charan's 'Bruce Lee'. As the film became a flop, mega fans were trolled by the anti-fans using the same tagline, calling it the failure of 'Boss' aka Chiranjeevi.

Now, the 'Boss is Back' title has resurfaced to haunt mega fans. Ace cinematographer Ratnavelu, who was roped into film megastar's 'Khaidi No.150' has informed that the unit has completed shooting of a song. He said that fans will go euphoric after watching megastar's dances.

"Boss is Back song filmed! Fans will go berserk by Megastar's dance n Dsp's tune," Ratnavelu posted on his twitter page.

Soon, a mega discussion has started on twitter with both mega fans as well as common movie goers wondering if 'Boss is Back' was the name of the just completed song. If it was true, it would be an act of self-boasting and an open invitation for criticism, especially when the film deals with the sensitive subject of farmers' plight.

Already, a few mega fans are skeptical about the film's result with the inclusion of overhyped item song and punch dialogues. 'If a song also is titled 'Boss is Back', barring the fans no one would be keen to set foot in theatres, they opine.

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