Why Pawan calls Bunny and Tej with 'Garu'?

Why Pawan calls Bunny and Tej with 'Garu'?

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Actor turned Politician Pawan Kalyan have wished his nephews Allu Arjun and Sai Dharam Tej sarcastically addressing them 'Garu'. He congratulated Tej on the success of Prathi Roju Pandage's movie, sending him a bouquet with a greeting card. Now did the same to Allu Arjun after Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo success.

In both cases, a strange thing happened, Pawan addressed both his nephews as Garu. Pawan is older than Bunny and Tej, and moreover, they all are one family. No one will calls their nephew as Garu in any family. Then why Pawan called them with Garu prefix?

Garu is usually used to address an outsider or an older person. In this case, Pawan might have considered both his nephews as outsiders sarcastically. There is a valid reason behind Pawan calling them in this manner.

In 2019, Pawan directly contested in the elections with his own party Janasena. Bunny and Tej has stayed away from the election campaigns. They haven't given enough support to Pawan from family.

Pawan might have taken it seriously to the heart and started treating them as outsiders. This kind of gesture is not healthy for Pawan. Mega family is well known for internal issues, and these kinds of actions can surely create a chance of raising controversies in the family.

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