Will Sarkar Really Help Pawan Kalyan


Different types of theories emerge whenever films come out and score well at the box office. And those who have seen AR Murugadoss "Sarkar" are now coming up with a new theory of why the film is doing well at the box office even though critics gave it thumbs down.

Apparently few felt that there are parts of the film where it resembled the real-life character of Pawan transformed into Vijay's on-screen characterization. Whether Murugadoss has got inspired from Pawan€™s real-life behavior to write the story or Pawan asked this director to make a film with his story, and then Muragadoss made it with Vijay is not known, but those who have seen Sarkaar are strongly feeling the "prasnista" (I will question) connect!!

Okay, the film has Pawan Kalyan connection, so what is gonna happen now? Will it help the Janasena president politically in the upcoming general election? While Pawan-connect in Sarkar might have helped the film, it will not be vice-versa, say political analysts. Before anyone asks if Sarkar will help Pawan Kalyan or not, the big question is, will films help actors to make big in politics in the present days?

If films really help, then Pawan has Sarkaar, Balayya has #NTR biopic and YS Jagan has Yaatra biopic to impress their voters and respective parties. Isn't it?

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