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Will they get opportunities if they just attend parties?

They claim to not drink and to not touch the narcotics. So, what to most the heroines who attend the late night parties do? If they don't have any kind of habits what are they doing in these parties? Many of the heroines are facing these questions now-a-days and they are suggesting that they are party birds like people think they are. But they are attending these parties. They have a reason for attending them, let's read about that..

Even though they don't want to attend to such parties, if they don't attend directors and actors might forget about them it seems. Rather than being active on social media, it is better to go and mingle with them in these parties, so that they don't object their casting. Actually, if you see the actors who are being interrogated in the Drugs case and when you see the people who attend them, you do feel there is truth in what heroines are claiming.

On contrary, the opportunities that these guys do give them don't end up helping the actresses in anyway as well. They didn't become big stars because of those too. Well, the heroines are saying that they have to just attend and they don't go there for liquor or drugs.

Well, whatever might the truth in all this episode, Excise Department is looking at these Late Night Parties seriously and are keeping track of each and every one who are attending them. So, many might have to be very careful before attending them. Few people are suggesting that that's the reason why these parties are happening outside India like in Bangkok, mostly!  

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