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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 11:47 am

Wow! Bigg Boss, what a drama?

Wow! Bigg Boss, what a drama?
Bigg Boss has been turning interesting with each and everyday. That's the reason the show is getting 16.2 TVR on weekends and close to 15 TVRs on weekdays. Now, the makers are trying few things to increase the ratings further. They have planned to do some interesting competitions with the contestants but a drama competition in the recent episodes will make you say, seriously?!

Bigg Boss announced that these contestants should play the following characters. Singer Kalpana as Sivagami, Adarsh as Nawab, Prince as Kalakeya Kathi Mahesh as Kattappa, Sameer as Kill Bill Pandey, Dhanraj as Doctor Bali from Kick and Hari Teja as a Vamp. Out of the actors whoever does the best job will get awards too. Everyone wearing the right outfit for the show gave their best performance.

As part of the drama, Kathi Mahesh as Kattappa will run away with a chain from Sivagami aka Singer Hariteja and we see him giving a share to the soldier Soldier Siva Balaji who catches him. In the whole drama, Kalpana as Sivagami gave the best performance and Bigg Boss too gave her the award of Best Actress for that.

On the whole, Bigg Boss Telugu without much controversy has been running interestingly. So, the people who are watching the show are constantly increasing and we have to see who will end up being the show's winner as everyone is playing their part well!

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