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XVideos Teaser: A Bold Tamil Film

XVideos Teaser: A Bold Tamil Film

Tamil films are known for their realistic and bold content.  But it has been a long time they came up with such content.  Upcoming Tamil film 'XVideos' falls into the same category.  The makers have released the film teaser couple of days ago and it has become a talking point in the Kollywood film circles.

Sujo Sundar is the director of this film.  He worked as an assistant director under Hari in the past.  Speaking at the 'Xvideos' teaser launch he said that that it is not an adult entertainer.  He said that he was pushed to make this film because he came across a scandalous video of his friend's wife one day.  He said that there are some android apps that have a tie-up with porn websites.  If the smartphone users install them, they can remotely access the private data on the mobile phone and the mobile phone users are not even aware of it.

He said that this film is going to be a wake-up call for all of us.  He said that audience should know that their privacy is invaded and they should be careful with the modern technology. 

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