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Year End Special: What I achieved is like a dream

Year End Special: What I achieved is like a dream
The first half of the year was pretty normal — I was shooting for two movies and there was nothing special and truth be said, I was generally feeling low, personally and professionally. Presently, though I cannot claim to be in a happy bubble, things are much better and I am enjoying my success and basking in the love the audience is showering on me. Frankly, I never expected to be acting outside Malayalam but luck favoured me and I got to work with Gautham Menon in Tamil. I am not someone who expects a lot; I used to expect things but the past two years have changed me and now whatever I have achieved is like a dream.

For someone who thought that I would be acting in Malayalam forever, I find no difference in the working environment in the industries. Malayalam has always been home to me since my dad has been working here for years. Most of the industry people do not consider me as an actress but as cinematographer Vipin Mohan’s daughter and address me by my pet name. It’s different when I act in Tamil because that family feel is missing. Other than that, the working style and everything else is the same.

I have worked with Nivin Pauly, Naga Chaitanya, Vikram Prabhu and Chimbu and consider myself lucky to have shared screen space with them. They are all very dedicated. Of course, the level of commitment and acting methodology differs; some prepare a lot before a shot and some do not, but their dedication levels are high.

Working in Chennai has added another dimension to my independence. I was studying there and now I am working at the same place. Otherwise I am a very independent person and my father tells me ‘Listen, it is ok to depend on people sometimes when you have a crisis’. I am someone who will keep my problems to myself and depend on my strength to ride it through. I enjoy doing things on my own but I have friends in Chennai who are there for me. I want to go back to Malayalam and do some nice projects.

Pan south presence

Manjima Mohan started her career as a child artiste in the early 2000’s. She later went on to debut as a heroine through the Nivin Pauly film Oru Vaddakan Selfie which went on to become a runaway hit. Impressed with her performance in OVS, Kollywood director Gautham Menon cast her as the female lead in his film Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada marking her debut in Tamil.

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