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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:05 pm

Yes I Spent More For Akhil: Nagarjuna

Yes I Spent More For Akhil: Nagarjuna
Nagarjuna seems to be fed up with media's quizzing on the high-budget for his son Akhil's film Hello. Irked Nag said that he was never asked such questions for his own films although when he had teamed up with new directors. He seems to be not liking now when media suddenly finding issue with budget of Hello.

"Never before in my career, I was asked that why I was spending more on my films with new directors. I had spent Rs 18 Crore for Rajanna, no one had issues then. I even spent a lot on many of my films. If you ask me that I have spent more now on Akhil's Hello, yes, I did spend more because of love on my son. I do have love on the film," said Nagarjuna who looked pretty confident on Hello that is releasing in a few more hours.

Nag even stated that he didn't interfere in the making of Hello while it was shooting. However, he admitted that he tried to give advises, deadlines to team during the post-production work. "I have read online that I was interfering in the filmmaking which is not true. I have never interfered after the film's script was locked. During the shooting, I didn't involve. But post-production is the phase I like most. So I take extra care on colours, DI and how the film is shaping up," shared Nag. He added that had asked people in DI and other post-production departments to give enough time for better output.

Nag said that he will never involve in films of his sons that are produced by other producers. He said that his job will finish after producing a film with his elder son Naga Chaitanya that he had announced with Vikram recently.

Nag said that he had invited Chiranjeevi to watch Hello and he had liked it very much and hugged Akhil for a while after watching the film. He said that even he has got happy tears after watching the film.

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