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Yevadu Movie Censor Details

Dil Raju is leaving no stone unturned for the release of his ambitious project 'Yevadu' on July 31st. After making sure that the film got record number of screens during the period July 31st to August 6th, the focus of this producer has been shifted to the Censor clearance which is a must for the theatrical screening.

Generally, Producers book a slot in a day based on the availability of the Censor members for the screening and certification. Dil Raju, however, has gone a step further and booked two slots (July 26th & July 27th) to deal with the issues like any unexpected delay and re-censor.

We are aware that Censor Board is acting tough these days and not hesitating to stop the release if they find anything objectionable in the films. As most of the films produced by him until now comes under either youth or family genres, Dil Raju hasn't faced any Censor issues what-so-ever for any of his ventures.

Whereas 'Yevadu' is different case as the film is a pakka commercial entertainer with loads of action and excessive skin show. An additional slot has been booked in case if the screening got cancelled due to unfortunate developments or to immediately re-censor the film if the members suggest any changes. This is where Dil Raju's forward thinking need to be commended. Such a mature and thinking producer will always succeed.

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