You Are Dragging Your Mother To Gain Sympathy: RGV

"I could say that PK Targeted Naidu's Deeksha And Bharat's Collections but I won't say that. But the conspiracy theory he's talking which includes names like Ram Gopal Varma, TV 9 owner Srini Raju, Ravi Prakash, Lokesh Naidu and Rajesh Kilaru is something I didn't read even in the novels of renowned writer Agatha Christie", commented Ram Gopal Varma, showcasing his versatile satirical style of knocking down opponents yet again.

Pinpointing each and every tweet put up by Pawan Kalyan, the director asked why didn't PK went to the police station or court rather tweeting. He also asked if Pawan feels that AP Special Status is so important he would have given support to AP CM's Deeksha rather diverting attention through his tweets in this manner. Carefully dodging about the advises he has given to Sri Reddy, Varma simply confirmed that he did all those things on his own.

"What will the TRPs these channels will heap if a credibility lacking actress hits back at you with cuss words? Will people believe whatever she says and shy away from voting for you? Will your credibility drops down due to her talks?" asked Varma, but carefully sugar coating it with, "I'm apologising to you for the 20th time sir".  "Also please don't say things like you want to die in this political journey, because as an ardent fan of you I want to see you at heights" he added.

"If at all there's any political benefit in this whole issue, it's only for you because you are dragging your mother into this to gain sympathy which might convert to votes" says Varma, bringing another political touch to Pawan's acts.

Varma found fault with Pawan that if the Janasena leader is thinking that Telugu people are so cheap that they enjoy the cuss words and abuses that TV channels air.

Surely this is a master class knock from Varma with all elements that have no logic and ethical touch but only some irrelevant reasoning to play to the galleries.
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