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Saturday 22 September, 2018, 7:49 am

Young Actor Converting Black Money Through Films?

Young Actor Converting Black Money Through Films?
Tollywood's young actor who impressed the audience with a couple of interesting films during the start of his career failed to make an impact in the recent years. Though he delivered out almost ten flops in the recent years, he has been occupied with back to back films.

Currently, he wrapped up the shoot of his next and another new film has been launched and will start rolling soon. How come a hero whose films are just flopping, will get such back to back movie offers with immense investments?
There are rumors that the actor has been pumping out the black money from his close friends into film projects and turning money into white charging his commission. Despite the poor show of his movies, the makers always manage to show massive profits in account books later and that's how black money turns white, a source revealed.

We have to wait and see if he scores hit with his future films at least or simply remain that black money converting specialists, says trade sources.

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