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Young Hero Boat Drive On Hyderabad Roads!

Young Hero Boat Drive On Hyderabad Roads!
Last one week or so, Hyderabad is witnessing huge rainfall. Well, one may not be able to understand if we say a dense cumulonimbus cloud with powerful upward air currents occupied the Hyderabad skies… so, let us speak in our filmy language and have a glance at one of most happening young hero’s bleak situation when he drove the car out to Hyderabad’s flooded roads.

Yes, Sundeep Kishan tried to act smart but could not beat the competency of smartness in Hyderabad drainage maintenance. ‘When I acted smart and tried to take the swift out instead of my car, poor boy did not stand a chance. He is a boat now... and I thought a swift could beat it all,’ Sundeep Kishan said.

Meanwhile, Sundeep had a good time in 2017 with seven released planned. While Nagaram, Shamanthakamani performed decently, Nakshatram was a dud and Mayavan, C/O Surya along with untitled Kunal Kohli romantic, Naragasooran are slated for release in coming weeks

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