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Young Hero Calls His Fan A STUPID!

Young Hero Calls His Fan A STUPID!
A hardcore fan of Bollywood hero Tiger Shroff uploaded a 34-seconds video showing him jumping off a 13-feet tall wall to defeat his fear. He claimed to have done the stunt taking inspiration from the 'Bhaagi' Actor and convincing himself that he is a superhero.

Tiger Shroff didn't react positively to the risky stunt done by his fan. 'Sorry...but that's so stupid of u to try something like that, never risk ur life. When action heroes performs something alike on screens, they do it with safety and under the supervision of professionals. Never ever try doing all this on ur own. #disappointedtoseethis,' he wrote.

Upon knowing how much his favourite hero was disappointed with his act, The Fan promised not to repeat such a mistake ever. He assured safety would be given utmost importance the next time he attempts any such activity. 'If possible please forgive me,' he pleads.

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