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Young Hero Is Troubling Directors

Young Hero Is Troubling Directors
This is a hero-centric industry and whatever hero says, it is final.  When everybody is feeling happy for the changes in the Tollywood, some heroes are not changing their track.  Even star heroes, senior heroes are transforming themselves according to the changing trends.. but some young heroes who are increasing their career graph are said to be troubling directors and producers.

A hero is nearing mid age in the this young heroes batch.. and there is a talk that he will reach first place in this batch.  He has delivered block buster and later a mass masala film recently. He is assuming that his market is more than Rs.40 crore.. so he is reportely pressurizing the current producers to make his films in a grand manner which suits his market range.

Producers are worried with the behavior of the hero.. they are running after financiers to meet his demands.. and they are unable to control the increasing budget.  There is talk going on in the film circles that the hero has incresed his career graph with fluke hits.  If he continues to trouble the filmmakers, he may not get any offers after the ongoing films.  Will the hero understand the situation at least now ?

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