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Wednesday 18 July, 2018, 11:47 pm

Young Hero's Bouncers Insult Sr Actress Jamuna!

Young Hero's Bouncers Insult Sr Actress Jamuna!
Veteran Actress Jamuna, who is counted among the legends of Telugu cinema, was recently humiliated by a young hero, who hails from a well-established filmy family.

Jamuna has recently attended a marriage function where this young hero was also in attendance. People hoarding up around stars whenever they attend public events is very common. When more or less similar scenario happened at the wedding, the young hero's bouncers pushed aside the people in their way.

They neither cared for the age nor the stature of 82-year-old Jamuna, while ruthlessly pushing her down. Reportedly, they didn't bother to help her when she fell on the ground because of their push. Some people there rushed to her rescue after the bouncers moved away very causally.

However, what shocked everyone is the hero's callous attitude in not even apologizing to the veteran actress after his bouncers insulted and physically abused (although unintentionally) her in public. The senior actress reportedly looked more hurt mentally than physically because of the humiliation.

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