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Young Mega Heroes Losing Control!

With more than eight heroes ruling the roost at the same time, Mega heroes made a name for themselves. Because no other family has seen such many actors clicking on the silver screen all at once. But here is the problem.

Of late, it looks like a couple of young mega heroes is losing control over their body. For film actors, their good looks are what works for the most of time, however, heroes like Varun Tej and Sai Dharam Tej are not focusing on their fitness. In the recently released films of these two heroes, we could notice the changes.

In Inttelligent, Sai Dharam looked little chubby but while dancing, he's unable to come out with flexible moves because of putting on weight. Especially his belly fat is visible in many scenes where he managed to cover through loose dresses. At the same time, Varun Tej is also looking like losing his slim looks. In Tholiprema we could notice how fat is accumulating around his waist and thighs. Definitely, this is something they should take care.

Even Chiranjeevi has put on weight in the same way and then he went some sort of procedures to lose it. But these two heroes being the younger ones, maybe should hit the gym for a couple of hours more each day.

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