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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 7:52 am

Young Tiger To Roar Trivikram Serious Punches

Young Tiger To Roar Trivikram Serious Punches
Trivikram Srinivas is known for making films that are light-hearted in general but when he decides to write some serious one-liners to celebrate the heroism and elevate, he turns out to be the best in the business.

He is the man who wrote a simple line like "Nene ... vasthanu.." to highlight the confidence of his protagonist and also make it a promise to his love.

He even wrote, "Idi Nee Darshanam .. Idi Nidarshanam" to elevate what a taxi driver is to a village in Khaleja.

Even after an emotional burst out of a hero, he could simple say how persona it is to that character by making another character say, "Ekkada Neggalo Kaadu Ekkada Thaggalo Telisinodu goppodu."

Well, we can go on listing how he finds a way to elevate his heroes and the most famous of his one-liners will be, "Choodappa Siddappa nenu simham lantodni appa .. adi geddam geesukodu nenu geesukuntanu anthe teda!"

Now, he is making a movie, Aravinda Sametha ... , with Young Tiger, Jr. NTR, who is famous for his massy one-liners.

In the movie, Jr. NTR utters a one-liner it seems. It says, "Anna maadi Rayalseema, nammithe pranam istham, nammaka droham chesthe pranam teestham."

We don't know if it is in the film or not but the movie seems to be an action filled romance and Trivikram Srinivas wants to make Young Tiger roar very stylishly to remove all the bad memories of Agnyathavasi. Let's wait for a dialogue teaser.

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