IT Notice to AAP Party : Kejriwal involvement alligations

The income tax department on Tuesday issued a notice to Aam Aadmi Party for "discrepancies in donor's list". The notice was based on the list that the party had submitted to tax officials where no source has been explained for Rs 2 crores received in donation. 

Troubles only seem to be mounting for the Delhi Chief Minister and the income tax notice comes at a time when charges of corruption are being levelled against him. Here is what the AAP's income tax fiasco is all about.

 Where did the Rs 2 crore come from? Arvind Kejriwal's party is unable to explain the source of Rs 2 crore it received as donations ahead of the 2015 Delhi assembly elections. The income tax department issued a show cause notice after the party refused to provide requisite documents explaining the source. Officials of the AAP have been asked to appear before the income tax department on May 15 at 3.30 PM.

 Numbers do not match up Income tax officials claimed that there was an evident mismatch between the amounts the party claims to have received in donations on its website, the affidavits filed in the election commission and the documents filed with the income tax department. The party showed only Rs 9.42 crore for the financial year 2013-14 in its report to the Election Commission. But more than Rs 45 crore was found in its bank accounts. When pulled up by the income tax department, the AAP filed a revised report with the election commission showing more than Rs 30 crore as being received as credits in excess of Rs 20,000.
Kejriwal, an ex-Indian Revenue service officer can't get party's numbers right For the financial year 2014-15 the AAP received only Rs 27 crore according to its website but bank entries showed the party receiving credits of more than Rs 65 crore. However, in its report before the Election Commission, the AAP showed credits of only Rs 32 crore.

 The missing donors of AAP Sources from the income tax department claimed that names and addresses of at least 461 donors were missing and their donation added up to Rs 6 crore. Th exemption department has been seeking an explanation from the party since 2015. The party could face prosecution for falsification of books of accounts and willful attempt to evade tax if they do not explain the source
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