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Saturday 20 October, 2018, 11:57 pm

BJP Laxman fires on KCR

HYDERABAD: TRS chief - Telangana Chief Minister KCR has said during the election that one. Now, the BJP state president Dr Laxman said. KCR, who has given us false assurances during the election, is now retaining the re-advertisements without retaining them. As part of the Jaffna Gambhala district tour of Vanaparthi, a party scarf was covered. Meeting with constituents in Alampur constituency. Later, Dr. Laxman told media that the BJP would focus on the special focus in the district of Gadwal district.

Laxman said that the people of Gadwal district had been drinking water or cultivated for many years - the TRS government had no benefits to the district of Gadwal. TRS leaders had promised to advance the Gadwala district before the election but after being in power he ignored them all and was deeply discriminated against. Dr. Laxman said that the people in the district have been neglected by the construction of the district as the people are looking for the desert to see the oceans. It is worse that the KCR, which is going to enter the fields in our houses, is not worried about the problem of drinking water in the district at least three years. On the other side of the Krishna River ... crops or farmers are staring at the Aurora-Jurassa-Patti-RDS projects have become unusable.

Laxman demanded immediate relief from the Telangana Terrorists from the Cabinet and that the senior leaders of the party are now in the government as MLAs who are betraying Telangana. The TRS government has created thousands of expenditures in the name of redesigning the projects with the power of commissions and the leaders are benefitting the contractors, "he said. Even though the power generated by the Jural Project, the people of the district are always in the dark. In the Ghadawala district of Seed Cotton, the cotton farmers are fraudulent and crippled by fraudulent crops and many farmers have committed suicide by claiming that Sarkar has no action against fake seed companies.

Laxman said that in the Telangana region, the Gandhawas district was completely withdrawn due to family rule, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to develop under the name Sub-Sad. Dr. Lakshman criticized the fact that all workers' workers were corrupted by workers and workers. Dr. Lakshman said that the Congress party is all over the country and the Congress is not a substitute for the TRS party in Telangana. He hopes that the BJP will support people in the 2019 elections. KCR is entrusted with the unemployed when he comes to power with lakhs of jobs. Dr Laxman has warned that the BJP is fighting against the unemployment problem and the BJP is fighting till the last job of over one lakh jobs announced by TRS.

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