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‘Helmet boy’ creates waves on social media

VIJAYAWADA: Ten-year-old T. Jayachandra Prasad, a Class IV student of Ravindra Bharthi Public school, has emerged as a centre of attraction to denizens for he is seen wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle on the thoroughfares of Vijayawada.

Keen on driving home the message of wearing helmet to prevent road accidents, this young school boy, after returning from school is hitting the road with his bicycle to create awareness about helmet wearing.

“The road mishaps are increasing with too much vehicles plying on the roads. Driving two-wheelers at breakneck speed has become a passion among youngsters. Helmets will save lives,” said the young crusader.

Those driving their vehicles wearing helmets looked at him with pride while those were not (wearing) felt uncomfortable while confronting him. Some even took selfies and appreciated his act for a social cause.

“It is very thoughtful of the boy to take up this mission. He is on a bicycle with a helmet for the past two weeks. Earlier he was pedalling around Krishna Lanka now he is seen on the M.G. Road with a placard – Use Your Helmet - tied around his handle,” said Traffic Circle Inspector Murali Krishna.

The ‘helmet boy’ is already making waves in social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp and accolades are pouring in from various sections of the society on his meaningful mission. “I saw the several awareness rallies conducted by the police department on the importance helmet-wearing. But still many are not realising the importance of safety while driving. That is the reason why I took up this mission,” he pointed out.

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