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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 3:43 am

"Nara Lokesh hatching a plot to snatch away the Sadavarthi lands" Ambati

Amaravati: hyderabad sources have stated that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N chandrababu Naidu is still trying to defend his actions even after the Supreme Court chided the state government's stand on the Sadavarthi lands, said YSRCP spokesperson Ambati Rambabu.

Meanwhile he was speaking to media persons on Saturday at YSRCP office here in the city. Ambati Rambabu said that Minister Nara Lokesh is hatching a plot to snatch away the Sadavarthi lands. Moreover AP CM Chandrababu, who claims to be a vegetarian, is a hardcore political non-vegetarian, Ambati commented. The ruling TDP is resorting to mud-slinging on the YSRCP which is fighting against the irregularities that are taking place in the state, he said.

"Nara Lokesh hatching a plot to snatch away the Sadavarthi lands" Ambati

Furthermore Ambati said all the Telugu dailies including Sakshi have carried series of articles on the utilization of water from Pothireddypadu reservoir. However, the TDP found fault with the report in Sakshi only and tried to attribute the coverage to YS Jagan. He reminded that several other media organizations have reported on the same issue. He asked "Why only Sakshi is being singled out?".

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