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TD involved in ganja smuggling : YSRC

GUNTUR: The YSR Congress accused the TD of ruining the Palanadu region in Guntur district by supplying liquor and ganja in excess, which led to a spurt in the number of gambling clubs. YSRC leaders Kasu Mahesh Reddy and T.G.V. Krishna Reddy said people in Palanadu were facing trouble due to short supply of drinking water. “However, the TD government is supplying liquor and promoting gambling, instead of supplying  drinking water,” they said and lamented that the government was making the youth addicted to ganja and liquor.

They said the police, during checks at Pondugula checkpost in Dachepalli mandal, seized 240 kg of ganja from a lorry and this is the first time that ganja was seized in such a huge quantity in Palanadu. The YSRC leaders said that the driver of the lorry told the police that he was transporting the ganja to a private club run by the TD. “This shows that the TD leaders are involved in the illegal business.”

Mr Mahesh Reddy alleged that the TD leaders were trying to make money through liquor, ganja and other illegal businesses, as it would help them spend heavily to win the next elections.He said the TD government posted police officers, who would act upon their bidding, in Gurazala and other areas of Palnadu region as they would help them continue with the illegal businesses.

He said the TD leaders were threatening people who were preventing them from doing the illegal activity and even foisting cases against them. Mr Mahesh Reddy and other leaders demanded a CID inquiry into the involvement of the TD leaders in ganja trade and stern action against those involved.

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