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'War becomes One-Sided in 2019 Polls'

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu interacted with media persons Today at the secretariat.

When quizzed about his reaction to Jagan's allegations that TDP bought votes in MLC Polls, Naidu replied: 'People knew very well who have lakhs of crores of ill-gotten money. YSR Congress Party didn't receive recognized party status by the time local body polls were held. So, How could he claim that those public representatives belong to his party?'.

Responding on Jagan pointing out the gap between allotted budget & expenditure, CBN ridiculed Jagan saying Opposition Leader don't even know the difference between those two terms. 'He neither makes an attempt to learn nor bothers to listen when someone tries to explain him. Jagan have the history spending 1 year in jail,' he added.

High on confidence after winning all the 9 MLC Seats in Local Bodies including that of Kadapa, Chandrababu Naidu declared that war becomes one-sided in 2019 elections. 'TDP would even win Pulivendula Assembly Seat in 2019. People want development, welfare and happiness. I am able to offer all the three of them. Why would people vote for other parties?'.

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