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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 11:43 am

1 or 2 Rapes Quite Common: Union Minister

NEW DELHI: Controversial comments of BJP Leaders has been irking the party leadership more than anything else. Union Minister Santosh Gangwar dared to say one or two rapes in a big country like India happens but too much hype on such crimes isn't needed. He made this objectionable comment on the same day PM warned party leaders not to give scope for media to target Centre.

On the other hand, BJP MP Bhagat Singh complained there is threat to India because of the Christian Missionaries. 'These Missionaries have been running schools which charge huge fees and sending that fund to foreign. The impact is more in the Northeast States. Religious Conversions were happening more in these states. Congress Chief Rahul and his Mother Sonia are backing Christian Missionaries. They need to apologise to the nation. Main Opposition has been working according to these Missionaries,' he alleged while responding on the probe into the death of Special CBI Court Justice BH Loya.  

Narendra Modi convened a video conference with BJP MPs and MLAs across the Nation through NaMo App over the statements issued by partymen on Terrorism, Sexual Abuse, Maha Bharat and Darvin Ideology in the past six months. Still, There seems to be no change in the BJP Leaders.

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