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Ambati Rambabu Vs Bonda Uma : War of Words : Babu America Tour

YCP is criticising AP CM Chandrababu's US tour while claiming that his expenditure on tour is more than the investments to AP to which TDP responded strongly and said YCP is always interested in Power but not the welfare of people. In this regard YCP leader Ambati Rambabu and TDP MLA Bonda Uma continued War of Words.

Ambati Rambabu commented on Chandrababu that he is the only CM in India who went on touring abroad for many number of times and where as investments are concerned not much effective. He said he is doubting that Chandrababu might be going on tour for his investing there. Bonda Uma countered Ambati by saying it is Chandrababu who brought investments to AP and providing thousands of employment.

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