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Wednesday 25 April, 2018, 8:11 pm

Anam Brothers Vs Nellore District Leaders over MLC Elections

Politics are changing frequently in Nellore as the MLC and local body elections are coming near by. Ruling party leaders who were silent till now are changing the political equations at once. Teacher and Graduate MLC elections are bringing out the dissatisfaction of TDP leaders. Ruling party has already announced teacher and Graduate MLC candidates but is still exercising on local body MLC candidate selection. "The name of Aanam Ram Narayana Reddy is under consideration' say the sources. But district leaders are not accepting him as the candidate for elections. 

Telugu Politics

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కదులుతున్న కారులో.. విద్యార్థినిపై అఘాయిత్యం

నోయిడా: దేశంలో అత్యాచారాలను నివారించ‌డానికి ఎన్ని చ‌ట్టాలు తెస్తున్నప్ప...