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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 7:43 pm

Anchor Is Trying To Prove Her Innocence

The heat in Tollywood is not yet reduced because of the back to back controversies. After Sri Reddy's shocking allegation created a stir in the industry, the US authorities busted the sex racket which shocked the audience even more. Now, the pressure increased on some of the anchors who went to the US for some events.

The audience started speculating that the anchors who have gone to America for hosting some events are also involved in the scandal. So, to clear their names before getting remarked, some of the popular anchors have already come forward and claimed that they are innocent. Some also accused that the person who is leading the sex racket is Kishan and his wife Chandra Kala. The anchors stated that they have realized the dark intentions of the husband and wife right away and rejected their offers.

However, one of the popular anchors who attended the show listed by the US authorities is still afraid to come forward. She is still feeling scared to come forward and is afraid of her marital life. She says that she is innocent and is not involved in any trading but is yet to prove her innocence.

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