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AP govt cancels Aarogyasri services in Hyderabad; Seema people worried

AP government has issued a GO of cancelling Aarogyasri services for residents of Andhra Pradesh in Hyderabad. Only cancer patients from AP can avail medical treatment in Hyderabad. The GO made it clear that AP residents have to join hospitals either in Vijayawada or Visakhapatnam to undergo medical treatment. But, the people of Rayalaseema are worried about AP government issuing GO. They say Hyderabad is close to Rayalaseema districts when compared to Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. The AP government will soon release rules regarding the new GO.

Telugu Politics

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బెజవాడలో రెచ్చిపోతున్న బైక్‌ రేసర్లు

విజయవాడ: విజయవాడలో బైక్‌ రేసర్లు రెచ్చిపోతున్నారు. అర్థరాత్రివేళ మితిమీర...