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AP Govt starts Custom Hiring Centres

Announcing the establishment of Custom Hiring Centres (CHCs) at village level to provide required machinery to farmers on rental basis, minister for agriculture Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy said that farmers can also avail facilities like securing loans, fertilisers, seeds and other inputs at Primary Agriculture Co-operative Societies (PACS).

Speaking to press corps, after attending a review meeting organised by Chief Minister on agriculture and irrigation sectors at the Secretariat in Velagapudi on Thursday, the minister said that all the transactions would be made online at PACS.

Revealing that the government would release Rs 1,680 crore as input subsidy in the first week of June, he said Rs 9.03 crore input subsidy for horticulture crop damaged a year ago in Guntur district was released on Thursday.

The minister said that the government was making plans to bring model Agriculture Land Leasing Act to ensure the benefits being provided by government go to tenant farmers. At present, benefits like crop insurance, input subsidy are being availed by land owners. 

“The government is giving top priority to mechanisation in Agriculture,” he said and added that it would spend Rs 450 crore in this fiscal for the same.

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