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AP stood No.1 in Corruption: Chandrababu

AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu committed a blunder while defending himself and his party after YCP Chief Jaganmohan Reddy exposed the vast difference between allocation of budget based on castes & expenditure.

Speaking in AP Assembly on Monday, Chandrababu proudly announced: 'Today, We stood at No.1 Position in the country whether it's in Corruption or Development'. TDP Members had no clue how to react when party supremo became a laughing stock in the presence of Main Opposition.

This isn't the first time TDP Chief has made such unpardonable mistake. During the campaigning in Tirupati for 2014 Elections, Babu pledged to make Andhra Pradesh the most corrupt state in the country.  

Even Chinnababu has made such disgraceful comments in the past. In a party meeting, Nara Lokesh said: 'Avinethi, Bandupreethi, Kulapichhi, Mathapichhi Unna Party Rashtram Lo Edaina Undante Adi Telugu Desam Partye'.

If Topbrass Leaders make such silly mistakes, What else would people expect from MLAs & MPs other than 'Physics in B.Com' comments. Neither CBN nor Lokesh have any right to point fingers at Jaleel Khan. Isn't it?

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