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Archery summer camp begins in Kurnool

Archery is an ancient sport that was widely used by the warriors of Mahabharatam and Ramayanam, said dietician Dr Rama Devi. She participated as a chief guest at Archery Summer Camp being organised at outdoor stadium here on Thursday. Speaking on the occasion, Rama Devi said that the sport is gaining fame at Olympics. By not giving priority to badminton, shuttle and cricket, one should practice this ancient sport, she added. 

The athletes, who participate and practice this sport, should take good nutritional food for getting best results. She also appreciated the organisers for taking initiative to conduct summer camp. Rama Devi opined that there is need to give boost to archery sport.Archery Organisation secretary K Naga said that archery would enhance the concentration. John, Nirmala, R Shyam Kumar, Sreenivasulu and others participated in the summer camp.

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