Babu Eyes Cong, But Congress Leaders Look Towards YS Jagan

Though he calls himself a master strategist and a clever politico, Chandrababu Naidu is clearly a worried man. He knows that he does not enjoy the advantages that he had enjoyed in 2014. Pawan Kalyan is not with him this time. He is today fighting the BJP, whoch was his friend in 2014. The YSRCP is resurgent and if the crowds at Jagan's meet is any indication, Chandrababu is in for big trouble. To save his skin, Chandrababu Naiidu is now planning to join hands with his worst foe €“ the Congress Party.

The TDP leaders are mentally ready to join hands with the Congress. Interestingly, the Congress is not particularly interested in pairing up with the TDP. Hence, many Congress leaders are now looking towards the YSRCP. Some have already indicated that they would join the YSRCP, while some others are sending feelers to YS Jagan.

One such senior Congressman, who has indicated clearly that he is joining the YSRCP is Manukota Mahidhar Reddy. Even Anam Ramanarayana Reddy, finance minister in Kiran Kumar Reddy Government, too is not happy in the TDP and is planning to move out of the party. He is trying to join the YSRCP. Several more leaders are now understanding which way the wind is blowing and are trying to get closer to the YSRCP. So, expect more Congress leaders joining the YSRCP in the days to come.  Their trust and belief in YS Jagan has incleased as he is drawing huge crowds and his Yatra is continuing amid all difficulties and weather vagaries. Seeing his determination, more and more leaders are coming towards the YSRCP.

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