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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:05 pm

Balka Suman fires on Revanth reddy

HYDERABAD: MP Balka Suman said Congress leader Revanth Reddy had repeatedly blamed the state government for allegedly being a martyrs' Sitting at the martyrs 'stupa and dotting the darshan of the martyrs, he insulted the martyrs' sacrifices. Speaking at the TRS office of TRS, Revanth said: `Revanth Reddy is a liar's desire. A gaudedon caught with money. CM - ministers - the other republican people who have been fond of the rotating buttachor '.

"We have repeatedly made the same allegations, even with the daggments of the song 's paddy slave daddy. 53.8 per cent power allocation is not a good thing for Congress. This decision was made in 2008. That is the division of the law. There is corruption in electricity purchases. After our government came two agreements. One Chhattisgarh Agreement. There is power in the BJP government. Tell the BJP how much the government has given us for this deal. The second is the contract with thermal tech company. The Congressman, who is the owner of the company, Sampiram Reddy told us to put a press meet in Gandhiji how many money we have to say, Suman Sawal threw.

The BNL EL, a public sector company, has also been criticized for not paying attention to the monk like a Revant, who was criticizing the project. "Two lakhs and 40,000 MW electricity generation is going on in the country, with two lakhs and 15,000 MW power subsidy. 28 projects in the country are sub-critical projects. Construction of the Bhadradri power plant did not get super critical as per BHEL. Congress leaders are claiming that the only project with the capacity of 800 MW is the same. The loss of the 800 MW project trip is high. So, 4 projects are being implemented with 270 MW capacity. One of these trips will be available on the remaining three projects, "he said.

Suman was embarrassed by the fact that he had put a video on social media personally turning his hand with his followers. 'People know what your credibility is about my credibility as an activist. Where do you feel when you are being tortured in the Chanchalguda Charlapalli prisons putting up cases against police on my case during the movement? Anyway, Jaitalankana Anna? In Karimnagar, the movement of the gunmen is a swimmer. In fact, in fact, the Chief Minister of Ministers is repeatedly turning to the retailer for a retail publication. You are blaming me with your sponges. In Hindi, you say that the balcony is hair. Balka means mountain peak in Persian. I'm a mountain peak. Reverend you smile. During the movement, the Telangana bandh like you hit me the day when I hit the dog, I did not show the back. Paripoyanantava ?. Make you run away. You have a political balloon V - broker v. If I think, you can give me a hundred times more videos. The mouth is unfounded. Do you have a 24-hour current shock? Is it true that the Congress is a 24-hour power? If that is true, why is your party not in the Karnataka-Punjab states for 24 hours? Why not put it in the 2014 election manifesto. Fourteen parties will be living in the darkness of the darkness. If you do not change your way to Khabardar, you can not go back to the state, "said Balka Suman.

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