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Wednesday 24 October, 2018, 7:33 am

Battalu Vippi Matladukundam - Pawan Kalyan with Cameraman Twitter

A day after unleashing a scathing attack against leading media houses of TV9, ABN, TV5 and Mahaa, Pawan who had levelled serious allegations against them, has taken to Twitter to wrote, "Battalu Vippi Matladukundam - Program Nunchi Pawan Kalyan with Cameraman Twitter".

Amidst huge uproar from media and several social activists against Pawan and Janasena's activists attack on media, Pawan's fresh tweet has gained more significance.

Earlier during his protest outside Film Chamber, Pawan's 'fans' have attacked the media vehicles severely damaging them. While media continues to attack Pawan's double standards on not lodging police complaint against Sri Reddy and Ram Gopal Varma who have abused Pawan's mother and later apologized, it needs to be seen what Pawan would talk about in his fresh 'Battalu Vippi Matladukundam' program.

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