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Wednesday 14 November, 2018, 1:23 pm

Better Merge Jana Sena Party With TRS!

Congress Leaders came down heavily on Pawan Kalyan for heaping praises on Telangana CM KCR during his ongoing political tour. They questioned, 'Why don't Pawan merge Jana Sena in TRS if he likes KCR's rule so much?'.

CLP Leader Jeevan Reddy: 'Govt denied permission to console families of Telangana Martyrs. Deeksha of Manda Krishna for SC Reservations wasn't allowed. Whereas, 5 Shows were granted for 'Agnyaathavaasi'. To show gratitude, Pawan Kalyan is praising TRS. Does Pawan know Telangana was debt-ridden under KCR rule? Is he aware of how much funds were spent for SC, ST and BCs? Jana Sena has become TRS Bhajana Sena'.

V Hanumantha Rao: 'Once you said - KCR Thata Theesta! But now, You say there is no other Leader like KCR. What for he is touring in Telangana if people are so happy? First of all, He need to answer the questions of Kathi Mahehs'.

Vijayashanti: 'KCR called Pawan Kalyan a tourist in the past. Leaders who took part in the movement don't have as much freedom as that of tourist in Telangana'.

This is how Pawan Kalyan responded to the criticism: 'Few People found fault with Me for meeting and praising KCR. I am not against any party or any individual. My Brother has been in the Congress Party. It's unfair to question how can an Andhra Man tour in Telangana? I request Congress and Other Parties to keep in mind that Telangana is a 4-Year-Old Infant which deserve special care. If needed I will step on the roads for the sake of Telangana People. At times, It appears like I might have compromised but such a situation won't arise. The kind of love showered by fans can't match even lakhs of crores'.

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