Big Shock To Chandrababu From His Own MLAs

Nara Chandrababu Naidu has been trying to portray himself as the messiah of Telugu people from Andhra Pradesh. He increased the publicity campaign for Brand Chandrababu, stating himself as the person behind many things.

He even started giving photo poses and this increased publicity has brought him more negativity than positive image as he hoped.

Now, even his own party MLAs seem to have turned unhappy with his statements and actions. Nara Chandrababu Naidu said that by 2022, AP farmers will be loan free and self-sustained.

Challenging the statement, TDP MLA, Modugula Venugopal asked the Goverment to clarify on this during the Q&A session in Assembly. He questioned, "When there are not enough storage homes for farmers to safeguard their crop, how will they attain self sustainability?"

Minister for Agriculture, couldn't really answer this question in clear words and seemed to have no clue on what to answer to such a question.

Another MLA, Gottipati Ravikumar asked that when farmers are asked to pay crop premium amounts without any delays, then how come they are not paid on time when they lose their crop.

Minister Somireddy tried to give an answer to this but TDP MLAs did not really appear to have been satisfied by his answers.
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