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BJP Mahila Morcha Leader sensational Comments on RGV

HYDERABAD: Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is a sensation. Varma said that he would have a focus on him - that everyone would have to stand up in the news and respond to the issues that he liked only for publicity. The GST's 'God-Sex and Truth' has now become a hot topic. There is a lot of gaggolgos that the porn film of American porn star Mia Malcova is obscene in pornography. He was deeply critical of the social activist Devi who questioned Verma on TV channel. Dr. Varaman, a recent celebrity sexologist, has also been suffering from some personal questions.

Verma spoke to Live. Varma also made her mark on many young women who expressed objection to the short film. Varma is facing strong opposition from women. BJP Women's Morcha leaders complained to the police in Vijayawada on Friday. "The GST has not been a country of fame," he said. The police who received the complaint said that they will take the actions of the inquiry. Verma got mad and said these types of short films - documentaries are being blamed. As Varma behaved like this, his wife and daughter left. Methods - BJP Women's Morcha Leaders gave Varman to Verma's madness if the behavior does not change.

On the other hand, the famous porn star Mia Malkova, who played in GST, Mia Malkova said that she was a compilation of the 'God Sex and the Truth' and created a sensation for her to release a press note. 'God - Sex and Truth' - Short Film - No web series, Mya Malkova's 'Sex - Sex and Truth' on Sex The GST final video will be released on January 26 at 9 o'clock, officially called "Mia Malcova" (www.vimeo.com). Verma said that Malcova's full nudity in the full video was made of a film with his camera. His camera admired Miyan and confided in her intentions of sexual intimacy in her spiritual sense. In that video Mia is a member of society that uses vulgar vocabulary ... Varma said that this is the intention of the 'God Sex and Truth' to reveal these restrictions in society - the suppressed natural ideas.

Varma said, "Every woman that is surrendering to the worship of the man and wants to float in the mental and emotional manner is a representative of the GST. Gaytie is a weapon to seize the culinary moral values ​​of culpable bonds. The philosophy will be born when we think of what's before, and life will be new. Eminent music directors MM for the powerful expression of the microfilming of quality emotion in Mia's sex Keeravani has contributed to the music. Like Amanayya Baahubali, he was surprised by the excellent music of the GST. Verma said that she had taken the video of Mia's ideas that she wanted sex to be sexually clean and that she should not be guilty of shame.
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