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Boot-to-chic comrade leaves Bengal Marxists bleeding again

WEST BENGAL: The incessant decay that has left the once-invincible Marxists of Bengal into a rudimentary political existence has paved way for another major setback with the CPM planning to sacrifice its second MP. The move blows the lid off glaring lapses in the structure of the party and the widening fissures with the Kerala lobby.
Despite being diagnosed with rapid and unabated exodus of cadres, the party is yet to find a way to arrest the loss it suffered.

The CPM's Rajya Sabha MP Ritabrata Banerjee is the latest such example. The state secretariat in Bengal has unanimously decided to expel him from the party for “anti-party“ comments and his apparently “lavish“ lifestyle.

Of its three MPs from Bengal, the party had already blocked its general secretary Sitaram Yechuri from going for another term in the Upper House, while Banerjee, who has his term till 2020, is likely to get the boot soon. According to sources, the state secretariat on Wednesday sent its proposal to the central committee for approval. However, a senior CPM leader of the party said that secretariat's decision is almost the final decision of the party and Banerjee's expulsion through a forma announcement is just a matter of time.

Banerjee told ET from Delhi that he could not comment on the development as he was not formally sent a notice about this.

The young leader has been in the eye of storm for the last few months. In June, he was suspended for three months. He was then slammed with charges of consumerism and for leading a lavish lifestyle. The senior leaders termed it as “un-communistic“ behaviour. The last nail in the cof fin was his interview to a local Bengali channel on Tuesday in which he took a dig on the politburo saying that the highest body in the structure has Muslim quota and Mohammad Salim, a senior leader and MP was  allegedly inducted in the body in that quota. He went on saying that Sitaram Yechuri's entry to the Rajya Sabha was deliberately blocked by the leaders out of “sheer jealousy“.

A senior leader on condition of anonymity said that his comment on the Muslim quota clearly points out his allegiance towards communal forces and he wanted to be expelled from the party.“If we allow him to continue with this serious indiscipline, we will send a wrong message to our comrades,“ he said.

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