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Wednesday 25 April, 2018, 8:10 pm

BSF jawans accused of rape of two tribal ladies

Two jawans of Border Security Force (BSF) once again accused of rape charge of two tribal ladies last week while threatened them not to disclose it anybody. The victim families registered case with Ganganagar police station in Dhalai district yesterday against two BSF jawan of 10th battalion.

Allegedly, the young ladies of bordering village of Malda Roajapara went to work in their forest land early morning on April 8 last accompanied by one Mangaljoy Tripura. In the evening when they were about to return allegedly two BSF jawans arrived and made Mangaljoy to go away. Then the jawans allegedly raped the women and threatened them with dire consequences if they spoke or complain about it.
Then the tortured women took four days to overcome the panic and humiliation and yesterday revealed it to others. Accordingly, complaint was registered against the erring jawans and police started investigation into it. However, nobody is arrested yet and police said to identify the criminals they would go for parade of the suspected jawans. This is the third such incident occurred in Tripura where BSF jawans were accused.

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