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Can't Give More Chances To Deposit Demonetised Notes: Centre Tells Supreme Court

NEW DELHI: The Narendra Modi government today said people cannot be given more opportunities to deposit old notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000, since it would defeat the purpose of demonetisation. "If opportunity is given it would defeat the purpose of demonetisation and elimination of black money," the government said in an affidavit after the Supreme Court asked for a window for cases where people had been unable to submit the notes for genuine reasons.

The government had given people time till December 30 to deposit old notes in their possession after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a ban on the two high denomination currencies on November 8.

The government had said the move was meant to flush out black money and stop the inflow of counterfeit currency from Pakistan to fund terror. Besides submitting the notes to bank, the government said they could also be used in certain designated places like petrol pumps, air ticketing offices.

But after a petition from a number of people who had been unable to submit the old notes in their possession, the top court stepped in and asked the government to consider their cases.
The money belongs to the people and the government must consider opening a window, Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar had said.

But in its response today, the Centre said there has already been gross misuse of the exemptions granted for use of old notes at petrol pumps, air ticketing offices, railway booking offices, toll plazas and other such designated spots.

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