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Wednesday 21 March, 2018, 7:02 am

Chandrababu is better Actor than Pawan: JFC Member

Chandrababu is a better actor than Pawan Kalyan, said Gafoor, a senior leader of Communist Party of India (Marxists) (CPM). Reacting to Chandrababu's comments that his blood is boiling at the Centre's duping Andhra Pradesh (AP), Gafoor said that Chandrababu a seasoned political leader and knows when to say what. Both he and Jagan are trying to keep maintain ties with BJP, he said. Even though Left parties are small, the people responded to their call for bandh in huge numbers, he said.

Telugu Politics

39 Indians,Islamic State,Iraq,Sushma Swaraj,39 Indians kidnapped

ఆ 39 భారతీయులు ఇక లేరు!

పొట్టకూటి కోసం దేశం కాని దేశాలకు తరలివెళ్లి తీవ్రవాదుల చెరకు చిక్కిన 39 మం...