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Chandrababu on Local Body Election

AMARAVATI: The time has come for local bodies election in AP. If the Congress party is in office in the local elections ahead of the last general elections, then the TDP has been in opposition. While the Congress party is in power. The majority of the AP in the districts of the NCP has shown its own style. TDP has also achieved good results. Shocking the Congress party as a whole. In addition to the TDP and the VCP majority, Congress has said that it has worked. Despite the opposition, there are many reasons for achieving good results. It is wrong to say that there is a strong construction in villages. But the occasional teasing of the VCP. The late CM YS Rajasekhara Reddy Memories - Jagan has come up with his MLAs resigning against party deflections. This is the last time now that local bodies have got time to make elections. it's wrong to mention.

But if the past is over, the debate about which party will be favorable is the election of local bodies now. Even though the debate is still in the village seaside, the political debate is going on. In the elections to the local bodies before the last general elections, the Vice-President's candidacy. after the defeat of the Chandrababu CEO, the party's defiance would be a big blow to the NCP. The key positions that the party has won in the last local elections has now become TDP's list. As a result, the majority positions are now in the hands of TDP. And now that the election has taken place. Since the party is in power, the results are likely to be more favorable for that party. But TDP does not strive to go to the polls. Even though the State Election Commission has expressed its readiness to be ready to conduct local elections for the local bodies already. TDP chief AP Nara Chandrababu Naidu is counting on the issue of green signal to the polls.

Analyzes that Chandrababu is adopting the Nanducha trend on this election is only because of fears of negative results in elections. But why is it that the party that is in power is going to go for elections to the local bodies? In theforthcoming elections to the general election, if the TCC is to take the lead in the elections, the analysis is going to be that the party will be able to win. Furthermore, in many regions, the strength of the NCP in the elections to the local bodies is still in the elections. But sooner or later the elections will be held for the local organizations that are ending, but Chandrababu will postpone the election. This is the only fear that the local corporates have to look at.
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