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Chandrababu's chance to equal ND Tiwari's record

Hyderabad: Former AP Governor ND Tiwari holds unique record in his political career. He is the only man who served as Chief Minister for two states. He served as CM for both Uttaranchal and UP. He held the office of CM soon after Uttaranchal got divided from UP in 2001. Now time is up for CBN to equal ND Tiwari's record.

CBN has already attained two un-breakable records.  Longest serving CM of Andhra Pradesh and also longest serving Opposition leader in the assembly are his two records. He served in both positions in more than 9 years each.

After getting the formation of new Telangana state, CBN would get an opportunity to serve as CM for new state called Andhra Pradesh (new). After the bifurcation of the present AP state,  CBN and YS Jagan would have chance to contest in Andhra alone. As per Digvijay Singh words the process and formalities for forming new Telangana state would be completed before general elections. If TDP won in Andhra state CBN would become CM for new state. By this he holds the record of serving as CM for two states.

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