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Chandrababu Serious Warning to YS Jagan and YSRCP

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu reportedly gave serious warning to YS Jagan and YSRCP leaders in AP Assembly. He said "Don't play with the lives of people. If you play with people, they will play with you". He commented on YCP leaders that they don't know rules, subject and management. He also said satirically that they don't know even the situation whether it is happy or sad indirectly pointing out their absence in Bhuma's condolence meet. He advised opposition leaders to keep their words in control by using them judiciously and also suggested them to have dignity and patience.

Telugu Politics

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బెజవాడలో రెచ్చిపోతున్న బైక్‌ రేసర్లు

విజయవాడ: విజయవాడలో బైక్‌ రేసర్లు రెచ్చిపోతున్నారు. అర్థరాత్రివేళ మితిమీర...