Chandrababu turns Side Character artist in Politics!

Chandrababu turns Side Character artist in Politics!

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N Chandrababu Naidu leader of the opposition is now turned as a side character artist in the politics. His importance is gradually decreasing day by day. Naidu used to be the key leader and game-changer in the  AP politics, but now the situations have changed completely, and his strategies are slowly fading out.

Before the 2019 elections, Naidu holds most of the MLAs and MPs in the state. After the results, the scene is reversed, and he is left with only 3 MPs and 23 MLAs. His MPs have shited to the BJP, and 3 of his MLAs have decided to revolt on Naidu.

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Along with that, Pawan Kalyan has grabbed the people's attention nowadays. He became the crowd puller in the politics. His alliance with the BJP is a hard blow for Naidu. The people have shifted their attention towards Pawan, and this gave no scope for Naidu to gain the attention back. He is been continuously trying to engage with people in every possible day, raising his voice against Jagan government.

People are treating Naidu as a side option and some are not even considering TDP as main political party. He is slowly losing his grip in the politics and if this continuos, Naidu should pack everything from politics.
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