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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:06 pm

Chandragiri's unwilling babu: YS Jagan

CHITTOOR: Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said, "It is our misfortune to be the Chief Minister of the state who is not affiliated with the school of his birth. Chandra Babu, who did not care about Chandragiri, is worried that people are now going to Singapore, "he said. Chandra Babu has no affiliations - he wants to be politicized - that's why he is a boy who is a boy and we are not even leaving anyone behind. Leader of Opposition, who is on a pedestrian body, held a rachabanda program in the Chandramagiri constituency Damaala Pond on Sunday. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Chandrababu disappeared on this occasion. Tens of thousands of people are walking on foot. Thousands of people in the Chandragiri constituency claim that they are driven by his shoulder-to-be-with-his-shoulders.

Jagan explained that the situation in the Chandragiri constituency, where our chief minister Chandrababu was born, would be seen once. In 1977, Chandrababu had won from Congress and won 2500 votes. My father, YS Rajasekhara Reddy, was also the minister. In 1983 he contested from this constituency as minister and lost to 17400 votes. His performance was the only thing that people had to say at the time - how greatly the Chandragiri was driven by the development path. After that, Mamagari had left the Congress and got her in the party. Not even honest with uncle. NTR's patron of the man who was a lost snake was defeated. The blessing of the husband is not a question of the people of the state for the power of power, for the power of politics for the sake of power. "If anyone needs to catch up with it Jagan has said that we have seen the history of Chandrababu Naidu, which is the backbone of anybody,

In the Chandragiri constituency, Chandra Babu's birthday chief minister of the past 9 years has been in the back of now 4 years, Jagan has said that things are surprising here. Many said that Babu was educated in Sheshapooram school. If you are the chief minister you will have to think about how to preach in schools in the state. In the same case Chandragiri constituency has been ordered to form a hundred bed hospital in Nanny's regime. He died after his death. Was it ever seen anywhere after Chandrababu came? There is a bad situation where the orders are not visible. There are 138 panchayats in this constituency and almost 70% of the water is not drinking water. Cultivation - The condition of drinking water can be understood by the nature of Chandrababu's love on his hometown. Chandrababu Chief Minister sat in the seat but did not provide accommodation in his hometown, "said Babu. "This is not in the Chandragiri constituency for the poor people do not give the fines do not give the ration card eventually making a bribe-up system," Jagan said.

Jagan has said that Chandrababu does not have to deal with corruption in four years. `Clay Seeing it is corruption. Boggs - Current Purchases Contractors - Capital Lands - Temple Lands Do not Leave Anything Else. Strong corruption is taking place. At the level of Babu level, the Telugu Desam Party in the villages under the name of Lower Communal Communal Committee left the villages to loot them. But if you ask the person in the Chief Minister about the announcements made by the promoters, YS Jagan has said that he is threatening to be a tatutista. It is understood that there are people who are so disturbed by the people at this level. "Four years have passed - this big odd says that elections will be held in the year. They want to decide what they want as the chief minister of the state, "Jagan said.

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