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Chintamaneni in yet Another Controversy

Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar once again made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

As part of the 'Intintiki Telugu Desam' programme, Chintamaneni went to Kasi Colony in his constituency on Saturday. He lost his cool upon finding houses in the government land. Immediately, An ultimatum has been issued to the people living in two houses to vacate with immediate effect. Claiming that they have bought the land, The house owners pleaded the MLA to spare them by falling on his feet. The Legislator didn't withdraw his order even after residents has shown their current bills. MLA's gunmen and followers had thrown away the belongings of the two families from their houses.

The Victims complained they alone had been targeted though there are houses belonging to TDP Supporters in the same colony. YSR Congress Denduluru Convenor Kotaru Ramachandra Rao consoled the victims. Condemning the attack of TDP MLA on the poor, He questioned, 'Is this how the Ruling Party Leaders treat the poor?'.

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